Heart of Asia's Trip to Tibet in 2009

In 2009 our Director visited several areas in Eastern Tibet. A highpoint of the visit was a trip to Gebchak Nunnery, situated in an extremely remote corner of Nangchen. Click on any image to see an enlarged view.

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The travellers at the sacred lake near Manigango
Dzongsar Menkhang (Tibetan herbal medicine hospital)
Motorcycle accident victim recovering at home and attached to a drip, Dzongsar/Meshu area
The dispensary, Dzongsar Menkhang
Dr Karpo, Director, and Dr Lodre Phuntsog, President, of Yuthok Yonden Gonpo Medical Association
Medicinal herbs, Dzongsar Menkhang
Herbal medicine production, Dzongsar Menkhang
The finished medicines
The kitchen, Dzongsar Menkhang
Mountains and mani stones, near Manigango
Prayer flags and chorten at Yulong
Rubbish and one of the few toilets at Yulong
A nomad family at Yulong
Inside a nomad tent, Yulong
The travellers with Yamatsering Rinpoche, Yulong
Wangdruk Rinpoche (of Gebchak Gonpa) at the Mani wall in Jyekundo
Wangdruk Rinpoche (of Gebchak Gonpa) at the Mani wall in Jyekundo
On the road from Jyekundo to Nangchen
Dr. Kat Kirby checking the health of a Gebchak nun
A Gebchak nun - a probable case of TB
On the road - Nangchen to Gebchak Nunnery
View from the road - Nangchen to Genchak Nunnery
One of Tulku Urgyen's retreat places, near Gebchak
Nuns coming to greet us, Gebchak Nunnery
A young nun, Gebchak
Nuns at Gebchak
Many chorten at Gebchak
Snow on the mountains, Gebchak in September
Prayer flags, Gebchak
A young nun very sick with TB, Gebchak. (She was hospitalised the following day)
The temple at Gebchak, in a poor state of repair
Nuns outside the temple, Gebchak
Accomodation at Gebchak
Accomodation at Gebchak
Accomodation at Gebchak
Nuns in the three year retreat center, Gebchak. (Photo by Wangdruk Rinpoche)
Nuns at Gebchak
With Dawa as translator Dr Kat Kirby gives a short healthcare training at Gebchak
Nuns at the training session, Gebchak
Gebchak nuns at Jama Mani for a prayer festival
Young Gebchak nuns at a second short healthcare training, Jama Mani
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The Gebchak nierpa sees us off on our journey back to Nangchen
On the road from Gebchak to Nangchen
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A gebchak nun with TB in hospital in Nangchen