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Some of our recent activities

The Yushu orphans

Heart of Asia's biggest commitment this year is to the Yushu Orphans and we now provide 77% of the funds that are needed to sustain the orphange. Our contribution covers the annual cost of food, clothes, house rent, a cook's salary and electricity.

In 2017 Heart of Asia inaugurated an annual summer picnic for the orphans. This has now become a much anticipated and enjoyed regular event, involving traditional dancing, tug-of-war, all sorts of games and feasting. Tibetans love picnics!

If you would like to see more pictures of the orphans, please click here.

Wangdrak Rinpoche's Yushu orphans

Sustaining nomad life

Tibetan nomads are the heart and soul of Tibetan culture and have been living their holistic, self-sufficient lifestyle, moving herds of Yak from pasture in harmony with nature and the seasons, for millennia. Sadly in recent decades they have been encouraged to resettle to villages near roads or on the edges of towns.

In the last year Heart of Asia again supported four very poor former nomad families, to enable them to return to nomad life. We gave each family 10 dri (femail yak) each with a baby, to help get them started.

Sustaining nomad life